Your Pet Can Save Another Pet’s Life by Joining Our GVS Superheroes! Blood Donor Program

Would you consider having your dog or cat join our blood donor program?

If your answer is yes, read on:


On a winter Sunday night, Oliver’s family veterinarian told his owner to bring him right over to our emergency/critical care service. Oliver was in critical condition. Our Intensive Care Unit jumped into quick action, giving Oliver a fast life-saving blood transfusion. As a result of the transfusion, and as our ICU team kept close watch, this sweet little man slowly started to revive. He sat up, lifted his head, and opened his eyes. But, the blood supply he received initially wasn’t enough. More blood was needed–and quickly–for Oliver to overcome his anemia and live. We desperately needed more feline blood supply, which can be difficult to come by.


Amber, an LVT with our Neurology Service, met this challenge by graciously bringing in her young cat, Mackenzie, to donate the additional blood supply needed to save Oliver’s life. And all of this happened during a snowstorm.

Thanks to Mackenzie, Oliver continued to rally and eventually started to regenerate red blood cells on his own. He fully recovered. There was a lot of joy in the ICU that day. But Mackenzie is the true Superhero of this story.

We’re happy to report that Oliver continues to do well today.

Mackenzie was in and out of our hospital within an hour from start to finish. She required very little sedation during her blood donation. And she ate like a champ right after.

Here’s Mackenzie on her way back home after saving another pet’s life by donating her blood at a very crucial time.

Polar donates blood to save another pet's life. Watch here.

Blood and plasma products are a lifesaving resource for pet patients who are critically ill or injured. Unfortunately, blood can be hard to come by in an emergency—when every minute counts.

That’s why Guardian Veterinary Specialists has an onsite blood bank program. This local, all-volunteer initiative aims to ensure that an ample supply of blood is always available for pets in need. Our inventory of blood and plasma products is donated by pets just like yours.

The donation process is simple and safe. And our donors are pampered with lots of affection and treats!

Take our online survey to see if your pet qualifies to be a GVS Superhero:

To show our appreciation, we offer many complimentary perks for pets and their owners.

For more information click here.

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