Today we have more options—and more hope—for pets diagnosed with cancer. Many pet cancer patients can be cured of their disease. Others may live with cancer while maintaining a good or excellent quality of life.

Where the patient is treated first makes all the difference. The Guardian Veterinary Specialists Oncology Service offers more exclusive options for treating pets with cancer.

Our team of specialists works closely with pet owners and their primary care veterinarians to achieve the best possible outcome for our cancer patients. The treatments we provide are based on maintaining or improving the pet’s quality of life.

The Guardian Veterinary Specialists Oncology Service guides the pet owner to make an educated decision about the best treatment option. Our goal is to extend the time owners can spend enjoying life with their pets.

Our board-certified veterinary oncologist has many years of clinical training and study. He’s on the cutting edge of new treatment technologies with long-term involvement in clinical trials and innovative therapies showing effective results and great promise in the fight against cancer.

Guardian Veterinary Specialists offers the following oncology services:

  • Advanced chemotherapy protocols, molecular tumor profiling, and melanoma vaccine.
  • Interventional targeted endoscopy for the treatment of solid cancers of the stomach, esophagus, and colon.
  • Interventional treatment of bladder cancer when surgery is not an option.
  • Electrochemotherapy for sarcoma, melanoma,TVT, viral papilloma and carcinoma.
  • Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trials without placebos via electrogene transfer.

Our Oncology Service Announces a Progressive New Therapy for Treating Urethral/Bladder Cancer Currently Available Only at Guardian Veterinary Specialists!

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