In the Clear: Keeping Your Pet’s Eyes Healthy

Your pet’s eyes see the world differently than ours do, but they still can develop many of the same vision and ocular issues that we

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Seizures in Dogs: What to Do When Your Pet Has One

Seizures in pets can be frightening. Seemingly without warning, your dog may suddenly start convulsing or shaking uncontrollably. Knowing what to do – and what

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March Is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month. Most pet parents would likely say they’re good at keeping hazardous substances away from their pets, but consider

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Show Some Love for Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, so we wanted to take a moment to talk about your furry family member’s hardest-working muscle.   Like us, pets

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Thinking about Buying Health Insurance for your Pet?

Guardian Veterinary Specialists urges pet owners to consider purchasing health insurance for their furry family members. Having a pet health insurance policy in place to

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What’s So Special About Veterinary Specialists?

  As we’ve seen in this past year, more than ever, health care is an ever-evolving, rapidly changing field. In veterinary medicine, as in human

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Cancer in Dogs and Cats: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

If your pet has recently been diagnosed with cancer- take a breath and trust in Guardian Veterinary Specialists. Our oncology service is led by a

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Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance For your peace of mind and to help ensure that your pets get the medical care they need, we urge pet owners

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A Cataract Surgery Success Story: Yogi Can See His Family Now!

Yogi before and after cataract surgery performed by Dr. Kyle Tofflemire. Yogi’s vision has improved greatly as a result of the surgery and he’s doing

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GVS Pet of the Month: Chance

Pet of the Month. Chance has been a favorite patient at our hospital. He had quite a long stay with us and we all got to know

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