In veterinary ophthalmology, the focus is on improving quality of life. The Ophthalmology Service at Guardian Veterinary Specialists takes this to heart and is committed to resolving discomfort, vision-threatening problems, and debilitating diseases so you and your pet can continue living life to the fullest.

Due to the complex nature of the eye, ocular diseases often require referral to an ophthalmologist. Early referral typically results in the best treatment outcomes. Our board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist has undergone years of study, training, and testing and has achieved the clinical experience necessary to promptly diagnose and effectively manage complicated diseases.

Diseases of the eye may be linked to other internal ailments and your pet will be in the best hands at Guardian Veterinary Specialists. Our Ophthalmology Service will collaborate with your primary care veterinarian and our team of specialists to manage systemic and ocular conditions.

Evaluation by our Ophthalmology Service may be needed if the ocular disease appears severe, diagnosis has not been achieved, initial strategies fail to resolve the problem, or if the pet is healthy but at high risk for ocular disease (such as brachycephalic breeds and seniors).

In addition, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) recommends annual ophthalmic evaluations to screen for genetic problems in dogs used for breeding.

Guardian Veterinary Specialists offers a wide array of ophthalmic services, including:

  • Complete ophthalmic examination
  • Treatment of eyelid diseases, masses, and deformities
  • Replacement of prolapsed third eyelid glands
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (“Dry eye”) therapy and surgery
  • Treatment of infectious and inflammatory ocular diseases
  • Corneal reconstructive surgery
  • Cataract removal (phacoemulsification)
  • Surgical lens extraction for lens luxations
  • Medical management, laser therapy, and drainage implantation for glaucoma
  • Prosthetic artificial eye placement
  • Enucleation (eye removal)
  • OFA Eye Certification examination

Appointments are available Sunday through Thursday.

We’re proud to participate in the ACVO/Stokes Rx National Service Animal Free Eye Exam event every May to help animals serving humans maintain good eyesight and continue to do their jobs well.