Progressive New Therapy for Treating Urethral/Bladder Cancer

Our Oncology Service Announces a Progressive New Therapy for Treating Urethral/Bladder Cancer Currently Available Only at Guardian Veterinary Specialists!

Joseph Impellizeri, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), MRCVS

We’re excited to report that our innovative treatment for urethral tumors has been accepted into clinical trial by the AVMA: AAHSD004909 – Electrochemotherapy (ECT) to Treat Urethral Cancer – To access the study click here. This novel form of Electrochemotherapy enables treatment to an area not previously accessible. Urethral/bladder cancers are notoriously impossible to treat.

There are no great surgical options, especially when it involves the urethra, so this cutting-edge method opens an opportunity never before available. The therapy is delivered with a custom-made electrode that inserts like a urinary catheter. We are the only facility in the world at this time to offer this option.

Quick Facts:

  • While all breeds are susceptible to this form of cancer, Westies and Scotties are particularly affected.
  • Anesthesia is required for the 40-minute treatment.
  • Patients will need to stay in the ICU for a night or two or with round-the-clock monitoring.
  • A post-procedure urinary catheter is required.
  • There’s minimal pain for the patient.
  • Only one custom-made electrode has been produced.

Our board-certified veterinary oncologist, Dr. Joseph Impellizeri, is available for consultations. Call us at (914) 704-3400.

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