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24/7 Emergency & Critical Care

We’re Always Here to Help Pets – 24/7/365 In a medical emergency, it’s important to know that we’re here for you and your cat, dog


Cardiology Expertise for Pets Can Guardian Veterinary Specialists help a pet with a cardiac problem? In a heartbeat. While it’s difficult to face the diagnosis


Forms Dermatology Initial Visit Questionnaire Pet Skin Care that Hits the Spots Can Guardian Veterinary Specialists treat a variety of troubling skin and ear conditions

Diagnostic Imaging and Lab Services

An Accurate Diagnosis is the First Step to Effective Treatment in Pets Does Guardian Veterinary Specialists have all the advanced imaging and testing capabilities  onsite

Internal Medicine

Veterinary Internists Treat Complex Conditions In Pets Does your pet need to see an internal medicine specialist? Sometimes, the answer is yes. While your family


We’re Experts in Medical and Surgical Neurology for Pets Does advanced specialty training matter when a pet has a neurological problem? Yes,  absolutely. Pets can


Care & Treatment for Pets With Cancer Can pets with cancer be treated effectively? Yes, they most certainly can. In fact, today we have more


We’re The Only Regional Practice Providing Emergency Opthalmology Services 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week! For Non-Emergences, Appointments are Available Monday through Thursday

Rehabilitation Services

Your Pet’s Quality of Life Can Be Improved If your pet has a medical condition that makes it difficult to carry out everyday activities such


Internationally Recognized Surgeons for Your Pets Does it matter where you have your pet’s surgery performed? The answer is yes, indeed. When a serious or

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Armory Dog & Cat Hospital

Routine Health Care & Emergency Services

Mon 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
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