Let’s Put a Leash on Bad News.
Our Good News is Just a Walk in the Dog Park!

By Joan Eve Quinn | Graphics by Tanya Jones

Three-dog afternoon

Playful pups Snoopy, Rockaman (Rocky) and Odie were brought to Guardian Veterinary Specialists by local animal control authorities. Because of our special working relationship with humane law enforcement and animal control agencies, we were able to provide the life-saving medical and surgical care the three homeless dogs needed to survive. After they recovered from treatment we tried to find them homes. After a long while, with no adopters in view, we started to feel a little bit like wet fur. As much as we liked having them around to brighten our days, it wasn’t best for them to live in a hospital setting permanently. Our staff gave them lots of love, care and attention while we waited and waited for the right homes to come along.

Coming to the rescue  

Eventually, along came Jennifer, Founder of Leader of the Rescue Pack, based in Rowayton, CT. Over several months, this smart, adept, caring rescuer never gave up on finding perfect homes for Snoopy, Rocky and Odie. Thanks to her persistent efforts and extensive network of foster parents, dog enthusiasts and adopters, it’s heartwarming to see these deserving pets flourishing with loving families. Thank you, Jennifer. You are paw-some!

Read on for three-dog back stories:    


Snoopy was removed from an abusive situation by the Putnam County SPCA. He was in “ruff” shape with a collar embedded into the skin on his neck. We provided the emergency medical attention he needed. But Snoopy’s prior hurtful experiences didn’t deter his spunky Beagle spirit. When he was well enough for discharge, Jennifer took him home for fostering. “He’s a real character,” said Jennifer. “Usually, my new foster dogs respect my pack and accept their position as the low man on the totem pole. But not Snoopy. He jumped right up on my bed from day one and slept there ever since.” Sadly, he was later diagnosed with cancer after Jennifer noticed a lump on his leg. So he came back to Guardian Veterinary Specialists for surgery. Post recovery, he returned to Jennifer’s foster care. Today Snoopy is cancer free and living with a doting family, where he’s still top dog.  

Rockaman (Rocky)

Rocky came to us from the same abusive situation as Snoopy. After we treated him medically and he fully recovered, he was our hospital mascot, happily hanging out in the nurses’ office. A hound for attention, he greeted everyone who passed by and enjoyed performing high jinks outside during walks. We miss his Beagle barking! Rocky is now rockin’ it in a great home not far from Snoopy, where his barking is just part of being a Beagle!  


We don’t know Odie’s full background, but it was clear to us right away that he would make  a fabulous pet! But because he was uncomfortable in certain living situations, it became  difficult to match him with an appropriate owner. Sadly, this friendly, obedient mixed-breed pooch had some false starts with a few potential adoptions falling through. So the staff continued to enjoy his company–for quite a long while. They didn’t miss an opportunity to dress him up, which he patiently tolerated. What a good boy! According to Jennifer, there’s some more positive news: because of the coronavirus outbreak, many more people are at home and offering to foster or adopt pets. That’s how she finally found the perfect placement for Odie. He’s now a contented companion dog with owners who are home. He’ll be able to stay in situations where he’s most comfortable. Sit. Stay. Then play, Odie!  

Beagle bonding

Jennifer got to know us when she brought in her own Beagle, Henry, for emergency surgery. Henry was seen by Dr. Emanouil Petkov on our Emergency Service, who told her we needed help adopting out two friendly, healthy homeless Beagles. “I would like to acknowledge Dr. Petkov, since that’s how my rescue relationship with Guardian Veterinary Specialists got started,” she explained.   

This is news we’re certainly happy to wag about!  

Guardian Veterinary Specialists is community-centric and committed to helping animal shelters and rescue groups.

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