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Does Your Pet Have What It Takes To Be A GVS Superhero?

By July 11, 2020April 25th, 2022No Comments

Help save the lives of other pets with our GVS Superheroes! Blood Bank Program. Does your pet have what it takes to be a GVS Superhero? Take our survey.

FELINE – Pre-Screening Survey
CANINE – Pre-Screening Survey

Blood to the rescue in a flash!

Just like in human medicine, blood and plasma products are a life-saving resource for pet patients. Unfortunately, blood can be hard to come by in an emergency—when every minute counts. Our aim is to have an ample supply of blood always available in a hurry.
That’s why Guardian Veterinary Specialists offers an on-site blood bank program. Did you know that our inventory of blood and plasma products is donated by pets just like yours? Our GVS Superheroes! Blood Bank Program is a local, all-volunteer effort. The donation process is simple and safe. We take pride in pampering our donors with lots of affection and treats. Would you consider joining our blood donor program to help save another pet’s life?

Blood donor pet perks
To show our appreciation to pets that donate blood, we offer them complimentary:

Thorough physical examination at each donation;
Free comprehensive blood screening, including a copy of lab results for your records;
Blood typing should they ever need emergency care or a blood transfusion in the future;
Blood transfusion should they ever need it in the future—1 free unit of blood for every unit donated;
Discounted services for veterinary specialty and emergency care.

SuperHero Swag

In addition, we reward our donors’ pet parents with:

  • Gift bag;
  • Gift card to purchase pet supplies;
  • Official certificate and pet bandana;
  • Featuring your pet on social media—send us a photo!

Does your pet have the right stuff?

For safety purposes, donors must meet these eligibility requirements:

Dogs must weigh more than 33 lbs.
Cats must be indoor-only, weigh more than 10 lbs., and have a lean body mass.
Between the ages of 1-8 years old and never have received a blood transfusion.
Current on all vaccinations (vaccination certificates required).
Free of infectious disease (included in yearly screening).
No medications for chronic conditions.
Consistently given heartworm, flea, and tick preventative every month throughout the year.
Must be spayed or neutered.
Guardian Veterinary Specialists will examine pets to ensure they’re physically and emotionally suited to donating blood. Once your pet passes this exam, you must commit to the program for a minimum of one year and to four donations per year. Pets can safely donate blood as often as every eight weeks.

Blood donation process

  • You can wait for your pet in our waiting room or drop them off;
  • While donating, your pet will enjoy lots of attention from dedicated staff;
  • Fluids will be given as well as lots of treats!

Take our brief survey if you would like your pet to participate in our blood bank donor program. We’ll contact you if we determine that your pet would be a good candidate. Thank you for your interest!

FELINE – Pre-Screening Survey
CANINE – Pre-Screening Survey

To be placed on our potential donor screening list, call (914) 704-3400 or email